Friday, 24 August 2012

Guess what?

I was planning on making a photo guess competition about this one, as this one is really a misfortunate thing. But I decided not to tease you, so I reveal that it is the first version of chandelier to lady's dressing room at Hôtel Jadis. Really material to the book "Ei menny niin ku Strömsössä" (have you seen the book two? It is hilarious!! And the group is in Facebook too!)

It looked really nice, until I decided that I try to adjust it a bit. Well, you should follow the rule "if it is not broken, don't fix it" because now it is only a photo guess work material to be discarded after writing. Luckily it was also a bit big, more like 1:24 chandelier.

But working with metal is really hard, so I really wait for Larissa's book. At least she promised on the phone to reveal all her secrets in the coming book. But unluckily we have to wait for it a bit longer....

Hôtel Jadis is progressing well, the exterior is finished, and I have started to work on the interior decoration. I decided to finish the back of the house first to get something ready quickly (?), and I think only things that are missing now is one chair (Robin Betterley's kit), another chair is missing covering and the unlucky chandelier. The library books need to be glued to shelves and perhaps, just perhaps, I build library stairs....Just in case they want to read the books at the upper most shelf.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hôtel Jadis - final considerations on the exterior

Back from holidays - finally, as the kids were not ill like they were for the previous week...Unfortunately, the photos are still missing as the Finnish service provider was able to loose all the pictures since autumn 2009. And not only mine, but for everybody. But yes, I'm still collecting the pictures to that one site, so I don't have to wonder where they are. I bet they have learnt their lesson in :-)

So this morning is a happy one, as I finished the exterior of Hôtel Jadis. Finished might be a strong word for it, but it makes me happy: something that is not "in progress". The only consideration I have is that there should be wrought iron fences in the front of the windows, but it is a bit too much black, or what you think?