Monday, 20 August 2012

Hôtel Jadis - final considerations on the exterior

Back from holidays - finally, as the kids were not ill like they were for the previous week...Unfortunately, the photos are still missing as the Finnish service provider was able to loose all the pictures since autumn 2009. And not only mine, but for everybody. But yes, I'm still collecting the pictures to that one site, so I don't have to wonder where they are. I bet they have learnt their lesson in :-)

So this morning is a happy one, as I finished the exterior of Hôtel Jadis. Finished might be a strong word for it, but it makes me happy: something that is not "in progress". The only consideration I have is that there should be wrought iron fences in the front of the windows, but it is a bit too much black, or what you think?

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hannajaleijona said...

Voi kun hän on kaunis!!!!