Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Snow, what a wonderful background!

I started yesterday to work on Home of Miss Valkonen. Totally absorberd into her world, and now I can't do anything else. A slight problem on the personal level as I should be producing little books for the Seinäjoki fair, but there are still two days and nights before I have to leave the house:-)

But let me introduce you to Miss Valkonen, a first grade teacher from a small town in Finland. The town is not unlike Rauma, Naatali, Porvoo or Loviisa, but I let you pick your favorite for her location.

Her house is built of wood with groundwork of big stones. I have nearly ruined the house by painting the first round with spray paint: it means that acryl colours don't stick that well... And even though I made some tests before the first  round of painting, the colour was just horrible. Luckily I found a better colour from Kuopio, even though it also required some white to be mixed. But even so, the house become quite dark, perhaps it is this winter time.

The kit was bought from Tampere fair last year, so I count the house "New". It was nearly free, only 25 euros from Gepetto. The only challenge is that the house is some 29 cm high and the base is 12 cm times  12 cm. This means that the scale is somewhere around 1:30...Which means that everything needs to be built by my very own hands.

But now to the interior decoration...

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