Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kalli's Gallery is founded

A miniature enthuasist from Finland, starting blogging in English. I have been blogging in Finnish and will continue to do so, but got p.., well, annoyed with the layout editor of the Finnish service provider and wanted to check if this is a better solution. Already now, after 1/2 hour of playing, I definetely vote for this one. I have found some difficulties already for making the layout I want, but perhaps it's just me trying to be difficult.

In addition to play with the layout, it would be fun to find more miniature friends from outside world, even though we have a very lively communion of miniaturists here in Finland.

So I will play a bit with the layout now and add some pictures of my (unfinished) doll's houses. The background picture is the first one, it is the big 1:12 house that started my hobby. But I have houses now in every possible and impossible scale....

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