Friday, 25 May 2012

Tools of trade

I read just a moment ago about Casey's workspace, and it encouraged to me to show you my desk (just a bit tidyed...)

The reason why I don't show the whole room is a bit embarassing: the room is supposed to be our living room....But I was driven away from my study as it will eventually become a room for my son. Unfortunately it has been on the transitional state for more than half a year.

On the desk you see my tools of trade: an old magazine, a pot of honey, duplos, and an old jar of mint jelly, and a flower pot.
  1. The old magazine is my favorite: I used to have an oilcloth to cover the surface, and it always got stained and I always managed to unnotice it -> stains in all very inconvinient places. Now I just tear the page away when it is all used. And the bonus is the nice pictures and the random combinations paints and glue makes with the page content.
  2. A pot of honey keeps my PVA. I had a very big bottle of it, and it was nearing the end. It was painful to get out of the bottle, so I cut the bottle and inserted it to the honey pot. Works well, if you don't forget the lid open (like I do).
  3. Duplos are wonderful for keeping the corners true. But you knew that, didn't you?
  4. Old jar of mint jelly is filled with water and keeps my brushes wet. I know it is a bad habit, as you should wash them right a way, but I'm lazy....
  5. And the flower pot works as my desk waste basket.
In addition of these I've noticed that having small boxes or their lids available helps finding things: for the current project I have a shoebox to keep the parts of the house, and sometimes the lid contains e.g. windows. And a very nice Spanish chocolade box lid has the completed furniture and the actual box has all the leftover bits and pieces for things that have been tried out. (And luckily the honey pot hides the very untidy mess of coffee stirrers anc coctail sticks used for working with adhesives...) (Even more luckily my husband is too busy to comment on other stuff around the desk....)

I admit that it helps that this current project, Hôtel Jadis, is in scale 1:48. I have finally reached the point I can start work on the outside of the house, as I have tried to be more organized on this project and finalize the inside first. Well, at least for the parts that are fixed to the house as there are places where you can't get your fingers into anymore as I glued the bay yesterday:

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