Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Finally - Hôtel Jadis exterior work has begun

I have been working on Hôtel Jadis since beginning of February, more or less (more like less) full-time. And finally this week I started to work on the outsideof the house. On Monday when I glued the third floor to the rest of the house, the feeling was amazing: it will be ready. You can see the results below. It is quite long way from the picture on the left hand side column.

Well, it will take a quite long while still as even the outside is taking much more time than I estimated. I thought  the whole thing would be ready by Monday eve (after a very long day), but then I just had not the courage to work so hard.

I guess it is the artistic process, very painful one, as I seem to be able to postpone starting to infinity.  The pain point of Monday was the back. It started on the third floor: I wanted to have an open door there, which meant that there needs to be an extension.

So on Tue I built the extension and decorated the inside (impossible to do afterwards). Then I started to look to the first and second floor, or actually their back. Plain. Boring. A bay would be needed. Luckily a faux one would do, wouldn't it?

It is still quite plain, but there are windows wainting that someone would sand, paint and decorate the outside instead of writing the blog....

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