Friday, 8 June 2012

This is what happiness is

I woke up this morning 3.28 am to a text message and was miserable for couple of hours: No, it was nothing bad on the message, quite contrary as my daughter reported safe landing as she is first time ever abroad on her own. The misery was just what I call nightly thoughts: of things that should have been done and that I should start doing them immediately but too tired etc. Anyway three hours of worrying for everything.

6.30, after my husband had left to the airport, I sat on my desk and started working on the roof of Hôtel Jadis. The effect was immediate: this is what life should be!!!

And now it has turned to the happiness as the roofs are ready. I admit I cut the corners somewhat, but I'm still quite pleased with it. The colour is brighter than I thought but it has already settled somewhat from the photos as the paint is getting dry.

And now Spotify is even playing a very appropriate song : "Friday I'm in love" (with my dolls' house, why the Cure doesn't mention it on the song?)

PS. as you can see from the background, the desk is getting more messy, day by day...

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