Monday, 4 June 2012

Unnaturally clean

Once in the lifetime my desk looks unnaturally clean.

Yes, you guessed right: we had guests on Saturday and the table was needed for serving the dinner. Luckily there are still things that are more important than doll's houses (but they are very few, aren't they?).

As it was so clean, we got a visitor to Hôtel Jadis as well. She just happens to be four times bigger than the inhabitants...

I guess she is a very good example of procrastination: I was supposed to sand the exterior of Hôtel Jadis, but instead I sewed her a t-shirt. I guess she could have waited it for a while as I bought her from Taru Astikainen one and half years ago.

T-shirt is made of light weight jersey, so she can undress it if she wants. Unfortunately she is still waiting for a pair of jeans, so I have an excuse to postpone the sanding work also tomorrow...

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